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All of the funds that you raise will go to support Amigos' mission. We promise to be good stewards of your gifts and we will maximize the impact of every dollar given to our organization, and we will always share your impact with you through various reporting and communication methods.

Support Education

In Nicaragua, only 40% of students complete high school. Amigos is working to change that. Working alongside communities, we facilitate after-school activities, offer tutoring and professional development opportunities, and regularly visit with families to encourage school attendance. 

Support Clean Water

In rural Nicaragua, 69% of families lack access to clean water in their homes. We build water systems that bring water directly to each family’s home to ensure access to clean, abundant water 24/7. This improves families’ health and frees up time and resources for them focus on education and economic development.

Support the Amigos Baseball Academy

The Amigos for Christ Baseball Academy exists to be the first integrated baseball training program in Nicaragua, training young athletes not only in the game of baseball, but also how to be excellent leaders and citizens of their communities and country. The program promotes teamwork, inclusion, Christian values, discipline, and healthy habits, setting up these young athletes to live purposeful lives.

Support Health Projects

In the communities we serve, 81% of people have tested positive for intestinal parasites. Even more alarming, kidney disease is the second leading cause of death in Nicaragua. These illnesses are preventable through habit change and infrastructure. We are committed to working alongside families to teach healthy hygiene and sanitation habits through various trainings and regular house visits.

Support Economic Development

In the communities we serve, the average daily income is $1.40 per person per day. We want families to thrive, not just survive. Our team works alongside families through regular house visits and trainings that are focused on budgeting, developing small businesses, and growing family income by 10% each year.

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