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Thank you for visiting this website for my 8 dollars for 38 years fundraiser!

Back in 2007, I moved to Nicaragua and worked with Amigos for Christ for almost four years. Of all the many things that Amigos was a part of, bringing clean water to families and communities was always one of my favorites. It was so impacting because it is something so easily taken for granted in the United States and because of the layers of transformation that clean running water has on families and communities.

Back home, I never thought about accessibility to water, but while I lived in Nicaragua and visited many rural communities, I began to realize the little things that required water – a quick rinse of my hands after eating an apple, water for my hands after using the restroom, water to make coffee in the morning or tea at night, water to cook food, water to wash my face, and of course water to keep me hydrated during the day. When I think about digging wells and setting up water systems, the most obvious thing that comes to mind, is the need for clean water to drink – which is so critical and crucial for life and health, but what was also becoming apparent during my time in Nicaragua was the need for accessibility to clean water - the need for water to be easily and readily available for so many other daily things (in addition to drinking). Families in Nicaragua were having to walk far distances and carry water back to their homes; this was putting them in positions where they had to decide what was the most important use of their limited water. This makes someone have to decide between washing their face and rinsing their hands or having water to drink and cook with. These were decisions I never had to make in the United States, and just one overnight trip in these rural communities, where I too had to rely on a limited water supply, quickly made me realize that these were decisions I never wanted to make.

The other thing about clean water that I learned in Nicaragua was that not having clean water means not having lots of other things too. A family without clean water cannot pursue education, business enterprise, or the betterment of one’s family as a priority – the need for clean water to drink, cook, and survive dominates a family’s life, consequently water becomes the priority. On the other hand, having access to clean water frees up a family for other pursuits. Children are able to attend school. Parents are able to give time towards to work and improve their circumstances. The pursuit of better health is more attainable. The impact of water is layered and runs deep.

These have been the two aspects of clean water that stood out to me most while living in Nicaragua. So, consider joining me today by giving $8 to raise money for clean water systems in rural communities in Nicaragua.

Honour Roll

“Happy Birthday”


Sebastian Afonso
Jul 9, 2023
Georgia, US


abby bryant
Jul 9, 2023
Florida, US

“proud of you for continuing help to Nicaragua ❤️”


Cathy Brown
Jul 7, 2023
Georgia, US

“$8 from me and $8 from Tyler 🥰”


Kate Deren
Jul 5, 2023
Connecticut, US


Lindsey Vander Iest
Jul 5, 2023
Georgia, US

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Iris' 8 Dollars for 38 Years Fundraiser

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